Episode of the Week 10-21-16

I felt a little pressure selecting this first ever episode of the week until I stumbled across this masterpiece. It is so excellent that I don’t even feel the need to finish the week out before choosing it.

Strangers is a podcast by Lea Thau that interviews different people with the goal of making us strangers no more. The show features a variety of stories from a wide variety of people.

I’m an American is about Lea becoming an American citizen. She discusses her family’s relationship with the U.S. over the generations and what drew her here. It includes audio of her swearing in ceremony and starts off sounding like so many other stories of new citizens but it takes an unexpected turn. We learn that not every immigrant feels the same way about becoming a citizen. There are a variety of reasons for doing so other than just love of country. Many people will be critical or even angry after hearing Lea’s story but it’s worth listening to. Immigration is such a huge issue in this presidential campaign and many people have strong feelings about immigrants in general but we don’t often hear their individual stories unless they fit someone’s political agenda. Lea’s story doesn’t fit in a pretty little box but it’s real and it’s likely similar to the stories of other immigrants.


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