Too Beautiful to Live

Too Beautiful to Live (TBTL) is a daily podcast hosted by Luke Burbank and Andrew Walsh. I’m not normally a fan of daily podcasts but this one has won me over. Each morning I’ll move the next episode to the top of my playlist before I start working. Some of the shows I listen to are pretty intense with strong language or content that requires a lot of attention. I just can’t handle that at 8:00 in the morning. I can handle hearing two guys talk and joke around for an hour and a half give or take a little. The topics can vary from hick-hop to the rights and responsibilities of the media and anything in between. TBTL avoids the noise and stupidity of morning zoo shows and instead resembles a conversation.

Although they joke about the quality of the show and it’s content don’t be fooled. Both Adam and Luke have serious radio cred and it shows in the sound quality and overall production. Luke Burbank has worked in public radio for years and has appeared in shows like Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me! and This American Life. He’s also a contributor to CBS Sunday Morning. In addition to TBTL he hosts the show Live Wire Radio. Andrew is best known for his drawings of tall ships but also has over 15 years of experience in public radio and used to host The Andrew Walsh Show. He also hosts a podcast with his girlfriend Genevieve called After These Messages about commercials.

The raport between Luke and Andrew is refreshingly relaxed and it’s great to be in on the inside jokes. TBTL isn’t the kind of show that will have you hooked after one episode but if you give it a few tries you might join the ranks of the tens of listeners that tune in most days.


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