Millennial calls itself a “podcast about what people never teach you- how to maneuver your 20s” and is hosted by Megan Tan. I would normally go into her career and credentials but I don’t want to spoil anything for new listeners to the podcast. You’ll want to start with episode 1 so you can follow her as she gets started with adulthood and figures out how to begin her career.

Everyone has their own thoughts and stereotypes that pop up when they see the word Millennial. Some people I know write them off as spoiled, whiny brats who don’t know how to work. I happen to work with a lot of Millennials and happen to know that they are very smart and willing to work hard but they do see things differently than older generations. This isn’t a bad thing either. They’re very optimistic towards the future in spite of the challenges they’ve faced with the economic collapse, student debt, and stark job prospects. That optimism is what is most striking in this podcast. Megan Tan never doubts that she’ll end up in a fulfilling career that she loves, she just isn’t sure what decisions she needs to make now in order to get there.

It can get a little bit frustrating listening to Megan agonize over everything but it’s an interesting look into how some people in their 20s think. It’s not that they’re unmotivated but they’re instead so goal oriented that they’re scared that every choice might take them away from that goal. This can cause someone to stall out in life (which Megan addresses) while they wait for their big break or it can cause someone to take a riskier, less conventional path. I find myself wanting to yell at my phone “That’s not how life works!” Yet, it seems to be working out for Megan so maybe she’s right. She’s a very bright woman and knows what she wants to do with her career. As frustrated as I get I also find myself hoping that she succeeds.

Millennial is a well made podcast, the production quality gets noticeably better after the first few episodes. It’ll be exciting to see how her career in radio progresses and how it influences the podcast.


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