Episode of the Week 10-29-16

This week’s Episode of the Week is the series finale of In the Dark. Since this is the final episode I’m not going to post a separate review for the show so this will serve both purposes. 

In the Dark is hosted by Madeleine Baran and covers the investigation of the 27 year old kidnapping case of Jacob Wetterling. On the surface it looks like your typical true crime style podcast but there are several things that set it apart. The most unique feature of this show is the fact that the case was solved during production so there are some interviews talking about how frustrating is is to not know what happened and many interviews talking about how obvious a suspect this man should have been. This podcast focuses little attention on the narrative of the crime but instead concentrates on the investigation. It would have been a compelling show to hear about all the things the sherrif’s office didn’t do and how those might have helped solve the crime but hear confirmation that those basic police tools could have solved the case is chilling and disturbing on a whole other level. 
That’s where this last episode comes in. It’s riveting to hear how little investigator’s would have had to do to get someone to bring up the place where the body was eventually found. The show brings up again how little time the killer is getting and how sweet his plea bargain was. Officials said it was the best they could do because there was no other way to prove he committed the crime even though we’ve just listened to hours of audio detailing all the missed evidence and witnesses. 

In the Dark is beautifully produced. The sound quality and editing are top notch as is the reporting. I don’t know how long it took to research and conduct interviews for this series but the result is stunning. Even though you know from the first episode who did it and how long it took to find them each episode will draw you in and hold your attention to the point that you’ll want to binge listen the series. I really couldn’t recommend it enough, this is a show no one should miss. 


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