Post Election Guide

Note: If you voted for Donald Trump then this post may not be for you. You’re welcome to read and listen to these shows but the perspectives will be very different from yours. It would be an admirable exercise in understanding but you should know ahead of time what you’re walking into. 

Tuesday night’s results came as a punch in the stomach to many of us. We had hopes and expectations that were not met and fears that came to pass before our eyes. People of color and other minorities genuinely fear for their lives and livelihoods. We grieve for the vision of the future that we’ve lost. As we pass through those levels some shows have provided a place of community, an opportunity to process what happened and figure out what we do now. 

TBTL– This show is the most therapeutic no matter where you are in the process and it touches on almost everything we’re dealing with. There are tears over family members and relationships that feel different now, there’s one of the best “fuck you”s that I’ve heard, and a discussion over how we want democrats in congress to respond. Luke Burbank and Andrew Walsh don’t agree on everything which makes it that much more real and genuine. It truly reflects the battles we’re dealing with inside ourselves. 

NPR Politics– Are you stuck with “Why?” You may not find a fulfilling answer but this is a good place to start. There are clips of speeches from Hillary, Trump, and Obama as well as input from analysts. 

Planet Money– Don’t listen to this show until you’ve accepted the outcome completely. It deals with the “What’s next?” question. What is Trump going to do? Of course they can’t see into the future and he has no voting record to go on but they look at the numbers based on what he’s said and what’s happened so far. 

Inglorious Pasterds– This is a show for people a little further along in the grieving process. They go through their normal show segments and humor so if you only want to hear the segment discussing the election then skip to 32:55 in the show. I would encourage you to listen to the whole show though. There are a couple of Election jokes but mostly it’s their normal funny stuff and it’ll provide some laughs to distract you from what happened Tuesday night. Guest Brandon Andress joins regular hosts Matt, Michael, and Brad who are all former evangelical ministers. The discussion takes on a decidedly Christian perspective without being preachy. There’s a lot of introspection and soul searching so listen to this after you’ve recovered at least a little bit. 

I’ll update this page with future podcasts that I find helpful so feel free to check back in. 


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