Episode of the Week 11-18-2016

The Liturgists series on suffering is turning out to be really beautiful. This episode starts with some discussion of grieving the results of Donald Trump’s election to the presidency and dealing with the shock of that. The show doesn’t spend a lot of time in politics though and quickly moves on to people’s fears and how to deal with those. 

You might think you could predict what a Christian podcast on suffering would say. We’ve all had Christians give us meaningless or even hurtful platitudes while we were suffering in one way or another but you won’t hear any of that in this show. There’s no talk about everything happening for a reason or God using your suffering for His good. Mike Gungor and Science Mike actually spend most of the episode discussing the Buddhist perspective on suffering and include interviews with a couple of Buddhists. There’s a lot of discussion about how the experience of suffering is universal and how we can sit in and experience it. 

I really appreciate how the focus of this show isn’t on feeling better because sometimes we aren’t ready for that yet but it gives us the tools we need in the meantime. As an added treat, the episode ends in a guided meditation that incorporates Christian scripture with the Buddhist technique of focusing on your breath. 


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