Episode of the Week 12-2-16

These last two weeks at work have been insane which is why I’m very sorry for not posting an episode of the Week last week. That’s probably why this episode of Hidden Brain touched me the way it did. Host Shankar Vedantam sits down and talks with economist Tim Harford about his new book “Messy: The Power of Disorder to Transform Our Lives.” 

I was expecting to hear about some studies showing that a messy work station contributes to creativity and this was mentioned but I was blown away by the opening story. Without ruining anything, the story features a famous pianist who goes to perform a show and says he can’t go on because the piano is so defective. It won’t project sound through the auditorium, the upper register doesn’t work, and there are other problems with it. The result of this fiasco is amazing to say the least. 

I feel better about my kids’ messy rooms after hearing the author say he no longer makes his kids clean theirs. I don’t think I can go that far though; at some point those cups have to be brought back to the kitchen. 


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