The No Sleep Podcast

The No Sleep Podcast features horror fiction from various contributors and read by different voice actors. It began through the Nosleep page on Reddit and has grown from there. If you listen to the first season you will notice the quality of the stories and show has vastly improved over time. 

Host David Cummings has been with the show since the beginning and you’ll hear his voice in many of the stories. He can also be heard occasionally on other podcasts such as the first episode of The Darkest Night. His voice as well as those of the other voice actors really brings the stories to life. 

The stories featured on The No Sleep Podcast range from traditional predictable horror stories to real psychological thrillers. Depending on your preferences, you’ll likely prefer some stories to others but that’s an issue with any fictional story program. 

I feel confident in saying that recent seasons of The No Sleep Podcast are some of the best horror fiction audio available online. The free podcast is great but there is a pay wall for bonus content if you decide you want more. Just remember, you’re listening because you want to be frightened so maybe don’t turn this one on as you’re going to sleep at night. 


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