Excellent Episode 3-31-17

After working 70 hours a week at year end and then breaking my leg (among other challenges) in January and a lengthy recovery, I’m ready to start writing again. Of course I now have a back log of excellent episodes that I want to share so I’ll be playing catch up for a bit and then go back to our regular episodes of the week. 

Fake news is a buzzword in certain circles but there’s a lot of disagreement over what exactly it is. The Liturgists attempts to clear up the confusion with some clear instructions and steps to figure out whether something is real or fake. Mike McHargue (Science Mike) gives an entertaining attempt at old school rapping to help us remember some of this advice. It’s worth listening to this episode for that alone. 

The Liturgists aren’t happy with simply talking about what fake news is, they move on to how we use this knowledge to impact our world in a real way with an interview with author Clay Johnson. 

If you’ve been frustrated recently with all the conflicting news stories recently and just want to sort through the noise to find some truth then this is an excellent episode to listen to.


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