Excellent Episode 4-1-17 

After working 70 hours a week at year end and then breaking my leg (among other challenges) in January and a lengthy recovery, I’m ready to start writing again. Of course I now have a back log of excellent episodes that I want to share so I’ll be playing catch up for a bit and then go back to our regular episodes of the week. 

I want to note that this episode was posted in December, before all the House and Senate investigations into Russia and the Trump administration began. 

The Pentagon Papers: Secrets, Lies, and Leaks is a fascinating in depth story about how the Pentagon Papers became public and toppled a presidency. It’s told by the people who were involved and describes how everyday people became heroes through extremely clandestine actions. I think I actually held my breath at one point because of the suspense even though I knew how the story ended. It’s incredible to hear how the press coordinated their actions to stay one step ahead of the administration and insane to imagine copying all those pages one at a time because copiers didn’t have automatic document feeders yet. I won’t give away any more of the story because no summary I write will do this episode justice.

If none of this sounds familiar or you just got the high school history summary of the story then you can’t miss this excellent episode.


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