NPR’s podcast Invisibilia has returned with an amazing third season. It’s said that this podcast is “about the invisible forces that control human behavior” which sounds intriguing but doesn’t even scratch the surface of this show. 

Invisibilia is full of unique stories you likely won’t hear anywhere else including how a man uses expectations to become Batman and people who make friends with bears. The show ties these very complicated concepts into real life experiences that we can understand and relate to. I don’t think I’m overreaching when I say this show will change how you see the world. 

Lulu Miller began her career in radio with Radiolab and there are some similarities in the production of the two shows. Alix Spiegel worked for a number of years on This American Life and Hanna Rosin comes to the show as an acclaimed writer.

In the past Invisibilia has tended to have short seasons and gone a full year before the next season so you’ll likely be left wanting more but you’ll be that much more excited when the next season hits your feed. 


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