I’ve been listening to podcasts since around 2010. It started when I was moved into an office that I shared with one other person but she didn’t come in until 3:00 so I was by myself for 6 hours a day. It sounds great to practically have your own office until you realize that only a couple of people a day come in to see you and you only need to make 1-2 hours worth of phone calls. The rest of the time it’s very quiet and lonely. I couldn’t swear by it but I think the first podcast I subscribed to was This American Life. I actually downloaded their app and listened to almost every episode. Seriously, over 10 years of weekly episodes. This was when I realized that I needed more shows so I started branching out. I have the ideal podcast listener job which requires me to complete tasks that often require very little thought. This leaves my mind free to enjoy whatever show comes up on my playlist. 

At any given time I subscribe to around 50 podcasts and I rotate them out as needed. There are so many excellent podcasts out there that I can be a little picky about what I listen to. If the content is boring to me, sound quality poor, or there is something else I don’t like then I’m not going to listen to enough episodes to write a review. For example, I don’t usually like live shows so I’m going to be less likely to listen to Livewire or Harmontown than other podcasts with similar content recorded in a studio. I’m also not very likely to listen to podcasts on subjects I have no interest in or knowledge of like The Walking Dead. All that is to say that while I will strive to provide you with reviews on a variety of shows, this will by no means be a comprehensive website. It will provide detailed reviews for the podcasts I listen to so that you can learn about them and hopefully discover your new favorite show.